Aims / How to use the website

The "Europa IC" website is the result of the didactic material created during the Well-beIntercomprehension project. Browsing the site, you can find useful content useful to learn, reflect on and practice different Intercomprehension (IC) strategies for Romance languages (Catalan, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish) and Germanic ones (Danish, English, Dutch, German, Norwegian and Swedish).

The content is divided into 6 themes, covering different areas of a student's or teacher's daily life, where activities, in different formats (video, audio and text), for developing IC skills can be found. This way, you can practice and delve into the world of IC through the various skills that this discipline offers. The activities were created to promote reflection and learning, as well as to facilitate the user’s acquisition of these strategies.

One of the great challenges of the project - and, consequently, of the Europa IC website - is providing activities that cross the two main European language families: the Romance and Germanic languages. In each thematic unit, there are exercises to practise comprehension between unrelated languages, i.e. from different families. In addition, as a supplement to these 6 thematic units, there is one section for word tables and one for grammar, which are useful to complement the more communicative content of the activities.

There is no precise order. Everyone can freely decide which thematic unit to do and which activities they wish to carry out, without there being an order or progression of exercises to carry out. Having said that, the first two units include simpler vocabulary than the last. The site can be used both by learners on their own, as there are keys to the exercises, and by teachers in the classroom.

The platform does not cover all the linguistic aspects of languages and is not intended to teach them. Its aims are to help you to understand a language, so you can "get by" when interacting in simple situations that may arise during a period of student or professional mobility, or during a tourist trip abroad.

Enjoy your work and have fun!