The Well-BeIntercomprehension project

The Well-beIntercomprehension project aims to develop the Intercomprehension (IC) of 12 Romance and Germanic languages (Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish).

With funding from the 7-university EUniWell consortium, 15 members from 4 EUniWell universities [Firenze (IT), Semmelweis-Budapest (HU), Linnaeus-Växjö (SE) and Nantes (FR)] worked together in 2021-2022 to develop new frameworks and activities for IC. It was coordinated by Hugues Sheeren (Firenze).

Language-teaching experts, we combined our experience to produce new didactic materials and structures for students to learn to understand, at the same time, languages from both families, as well as IC strategies. The materials produced – videos, audios and readings, all accompanied by multilingual exercises – are available online under the title of “Europa IC”.